this is a cool cartoon house
this is a cool cartoon house

People migrate all the time wether it is driving some where walking or riding a bike or even going some where for vacation. as i said before people migrate all the time I have moved/migrated three times and now im going to migrate again.  I have travled a few times ive been to mexico 3 times dominican once and pei once ive travled more when i was littler. thats my migration post.

My favourite post

these are sports eqiptment
these are sports eqiptment

A few of my favourite things are wrestling and drumming and video games my favourite thing to do in my spare time is play with all my friends we like to play baseball and any other sports including  football, soccor, tennis and track and feild events on rainy days we play video games and in winter we go sledding alot.

Remembrance Day

For rememberance day we always have an esembley with a really cool display my friends grandfather was in the war and he brings in his war stuff such as medals grenade coat etc

. it is a presentation with the 2 minutes of silence we also made these really cool crosses that me and my friends made after school we got in the newspaper for it.

Earth day

earth_day_graphics_07In my class on earth we cleaned up the yard we all went around the yard cleaning it up we had  gloves  and  garbege bags and we had litterless lunch a litterless lunch is when you have no garbege in your lunch we also planted a tree and we had trivia on the morning announcements.


People should visit my blog because it is no different then anyone elses. It has got widgets that are very fun like myspace invadors game and mario. It also has some interesting posts like my pancake thursday post. My class and I have worked very hard on these blogs so that is why you should visit my blog.